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Blogging and SEO

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Chris BaggottI just talked to Chris Baggott, co-founder of ExactTarget, about Compendium Software, his new company that has a product focused on “organizational blogging.” From his description, the tool is pretty slick and a potential power-tool for the enterprise, but I was most impressed with the SEO benefits in Google’s organic search results. To demonstrate, Chris suggested that I use Google search and type in the phrase “Blogging Best Practices.” His company was listed #11, on page 2 of the search results.  Then he had me search for “Easy to use Blogging Software” – it was the #2 listing, page 1 in organic results. This is all done by the company’s technology and a process that he calls “compending.” A blog tool that has the power to impact search results in this way is going to make some noise. There’s an interview with Chris on Inside Indiana Business where you can hear him talk about his company and its technology.