About Melissa Chang

Melissa Chang is the president of Pure Incubation, an Internet incubator based in Beverly, Mass., where she operates, acquires, and consults about Internet businesses.

Melissa has been an Internet entrepreneur for nearly 10 years, starting her online career as the Executive Editor for Publish magazine’s Web site (in the 90’s), helping to found the eBusiness Communication Association (in 2001), and co-founding start-up Connexus Media (in 2002). Ziff Davis acquired Connexus (in 2004), and Melissa became the director of product development for the Ziff Davis Web Buyer’s Guide, an online directory of IT products, services and resources.

Before working in the online world, Melissa was the Managing Editor for Let’s Go, a budget travel guide series, and a copy editor for Network World magazine. She is a graduate of Harvard University.  

For Melissa’s complete bio, visit the Pure Incubation site. To contact Melissa, click here or send me an email at melissa.chang@pureincubation.com.

Follow her on Twitter at @mchang16.


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