My theory on Twitter's latest bomb

This is just a guess, and I have already admitted that I’m not a techie, but I think that Twitter’s latest failure – the one that has suddenly caused Twitter users to lose followers and people that they’re following – is time-based.

BombMy first account, which I use actively, I signed up for in October 2007. With that account, I have been hovering around the 400 followers mark for a month or so with my followers growing at a pace of about a two per day. I’m following about 530 people and have been since about the time that I joined Twitter. I recently wanted a way to easily see every single post from certain people, so I signed up for a second Twitter account a few weeks ago. Until this morning, I was following 15 people. Two people were following me.

My first account has lost about 50 followers and very few people that I’m following.

My second account has lost ALL my followers and people that I’m following.

My guess – the recent failure is time-based, with most recent followers and people that have been followed being lost. (Hopefully not for good!)

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