March Madness & the Internet

NCAA TournamentI have always been a fan of March Madness. I grew up in upstate N.Y., loving the Orangemen, and the NCAA Tournament was always a light in the middle of a gloomy month. I don’t follow college basketball the way that I used to, but I still get a thrill out of tournament time (although I am not as excited as my friend Kim), especially when I pick a bracket and have a stake in who wins each game.

So I am really happy that my cousin Jeff is running “The Great Family Challenge,” this year, made possible by the new online bracket tools that CBS Sports offers. This tool is really cool – you can set up your own tournament, invite people to enter, and the tools do all the tallying for you. This is so much easier than the days when you passed around photocopies of the brackets and the organizer had to tally everything by hand.

Who are you routing for? I have UCLA to win.

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