Happy Pi Day!

Pi DayMarch 14 is Pi Day, celebrated by math lovers, math teachers, and mathletes of all kind around the U.S. I am celebrating because this blog is named after pi  – the 16th letter of the Greek Alphabet.

I have never “celebrated” pi day before, but trust me – some people are avid fans. At piday.org, you can read up on all the fun activities that people have planned, watch pi raps, and send happy pi day post cards. Here are some other ways that people are celebrating the holiday:

“At my school we are making pi shirts with fun expressions like “Cutie Pi” or “Easy as Pi”. It will be very fun because we get to bring in pies too!” – Kyra

“I will recite all of the digits of pi that I have memorized (I know 113!), watch the excellent indepenedent film “Pi” (from 1998)! And eat lemon pie, Yum!” – Jared

“pi day has been celebrated by my family for years since we came from sweden. we turn off all the lights and pray in a circle. sometimes we eat pie or have fun pie fights with my little cousins. Pi day really does make the world go ROUND!! ” – Chris

“saying PI to everyone I greet.” – Kisa

Happy Pi Day! And if you plan to celebrate, please leave a comment to tell us all how.

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