Twitter + Google maps + Super Tuesday = cool combo

Google and Twitter icon on TwitterI have seen this written up in a number of places, but I just wanted to chime in to tell everyone about the Google/Twitter mashup that’s displaying political tweets real-time on a map of the United States. I first found out about it when I logged into Twitter today and saw the little image pictured above.

Twitter is a “micro-blogging” tool that lets users send “tweets” up to 140 characters long to the Twitter Website. All messages are saved to the user’s profile page and sent to anyone who is “following” that user. Today, all messages that are posted to Twitter that are related to politics, voting or the Super Tuesday primaries are being superimposed on a map from Google. It’s pretty cool to watch.

Here’s a screenshot, and again, here’s the link:

Google Twitter mashup screenshot

By the way, I’m planning to write more about Twitter soon, but if you are a Twitter user, feel free to contact me there or follow me: @mchang16.

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