High-tech movie reviews

My friend Denise Dubie, who is a senior editor at Network World, has started doing high-tech movie reviews – and if you like going to the movies and are interested in technology, I highly recommend that you start listening.

Her co-host is Jason Meserve, and the tagline of the “Network Downtime” podcast is “Movies for techies, where we review movies that put technology in the spotlight, but sometimes get it wrong.”

If you’ve ever seen a movie and been turned off by the way that technology is depicted completely unrealistically, you’ll love this show. Denise and Jason are both skeptics, but fun and open-minded ones, and their take on this movie was totally entertaining and informative. My favorite part of the show is the chemistry that the two have.

Denise: Basically, I’m tired of seeing movies that misuse technology in their plots.

Jason: And I just want to go to the movies on Network World’s dime. 

Denise and Jason are both smart, interesting and funny – a good combination for a podcast. The first movie that they review is Untraceable, a new release starring Diane Lane, where she’s an FBI agent trying to track down a serial killer who is streaming live video of his victims. Check out their podcast. And let me know what you think.

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