Googling yourself

The practice is known by many names, including egosurfing, ego searching, vanity searching or Googling yourself – but whatever you call it, it’s the practice of looking up your name on a search engine to see what results come up. This week, Pew Internet & American Life Project released information that shows that 47% of Internet users have egosurfed. Five years ago, the number was a mere 22%. According to the report, only 3% of respondents regularly check on their online presence; 74% have done the search only once or twice.

Googling Melissa Chang

If you are part of the 53% of surfers who haven’t checked out your online identity, do it today. And for the 97% of you who don’t regularly check your online identity, set up a system to keep regular trackof how your name – your personal brand – is being represented online. Today it is possible to get a job interview, lose a friend, get a date or get rejected for a mortgage soley based on information that other people can find out about you online. This isn’t about your personal vanity – it’s about managing one of your most important assets (your name) in a responsible manner.

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