More proof that search engines aren’t working for buying process

I just read this comment in Robert Scoble’s blog after I published my last post about the solution to search engine fatigue. This seems to be more evidence to the point that I was making that search engines aren’t always the best tools in the buying process:

“Now, since we’re all talking about this, two other issues. First, bloggers were showing up too high in searches anyway. In comparing to my friends we got lots of traffic from Google that we didn’t deserve. The problem is that traffic isn’t good anyway. Put it this way, let’s say I showed up high in a search for Saturn Cars (since I’ve written about them). Most people wouldn’t have found much value in that post and even if they did they wouldn’t have stuck around to be a regular reader.

I’d rather show up for when you’re searching for tech or geek stuff. That’s the audience I want to be in front of.”

Coincidentally, something similar is happening with my blog today – I’m showing up high in Google for various search terms related to the Red Sox and Pumpkin Carving due to a post I made this weekend. Sorry all you Red Sox pumpkin pattern searchers!

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