Some interesting facts about Internet advertising

Going back to the beginning. It turns out that the first formal advertising on the Internet happened in October 1994 on Hotwired, when AT&T launched a banner campaign on the site. Actually, there were 14 clients of the first Internet advertising program offered by Hotwired – MCI, Sprint, Volvo and others joined AT&T in using the online platform for campaigns. This is reportedly the first banner ad that was run (by AT&T). It might be clumsy, but it did turn out to be accurate – people clicked.First Banner Ad from IBM

First commercial spam. The first commercial spam e-mail message was sent over the Internet in April 1994 by Laurence Canter and Martha Siegel Legal Services. The spam was advertising a Green Card lottery (the couple that ran the firm were immigration lawyers) and was titled “Green Card Lottery- Final One?

Google is the Internet advertising powerhouse. This week, Google’s stock price topped $600 per share for the first time and it appears that the company now controls more than 40% of online advertising. Not bad for a week’s work. Here’s a look back at when Google’s most important Internet advertising initiatives launched, according to Google’s rendition of its corporate history.

    • 1995-1997:
      Early days of Google, when it was still called “BackRub”
    • 1998:
      Renamed Google
    • September 21, 1999:
      Google comes out of Beta
    • August 16, 2000:
      Launched a targeted keyword ad program
    • October 23, 2000:
      AdWords self-service advertising program is launched
    • February 2002:
      AdWords gets an overhaul, including CPC pricing model
    • 2003:
      Google AdSense program is born

Spending on Internet advertising continues to rise but slowed once in its history. The amount of money that has been spent on Internet advertising continues to rise and has since its inception in 1994, with the exception of a downturn from 2000 to 2002 after the Internet bubble burst.

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