Reunion in Baltimore

USS ConstellationI spent the past weekend in Baltimore with some of my friends from high school – we stayed with one of them in Arnold, MD, (which just might be the best neighborhood in the world to live in if you have kids, by the way). Saturday we went into the city to the Inner Harbor and Fells Point, which is apparently what all the tourists who go to Baltimore do, but I enjoyed it since I had never been to the city before. We ate at Amicci’s in the Little Italy section of the city, which rather oddly bills itself as a “very” casual eatery (the quote marks are the restaurant’s doing).  Baltimore has gone through some serious upgrades in recent years. About 10 years ago my friend and her husband went into the city for dinner and were robbed at gun point, but today the city has been upgraded and the various neighborhoods connected through the renovations.

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