Autumn on I-88

I-88I just drove from Boston to Binghamton, N.Y., my hometown. The drive is long (depending on the traffic and number of stops, for which I’m notorious, it can take up to 6.5 hours), and can be tedious (in the winter – imagine seven hours of driving in the dark, your headlights illuminating the snow blowing at you in a way that makes you feel like you’re in some kind of warp-speed tunnel), but this time of year it is usually beautiful. The leaves, which are just starting to turn, can make all the difference. Well the leaves plus some sun. It’s rarely sunny in Binghamton so if the sun is shining, things look much better. Anyway, I missed the peak leaves by about a week, but it was still one of the better drives I’ve made to town. If you’re into tracking the changing of the leaves, has a fall foliage guide that will help.


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