Some interesting facts about domain names

·         Every two- and three-character .com domain has been registered – There are more than 50,000 possible combinations of 2- and 3-letter .com domains if you include the alphabet, numbers and symbols. And every single one of them has already been registered. You could buy a three-letter domain at auction – but prepare to pay top dollar. With luck, maybe you’ll find your company’s acronym. Bid on three-letter .com domains at, where they remind you, “Minimum offers of $x,xxx please.” 

·         Every domain with all a’s from to 63 a’s .com has been registered – This fact comes from Edwin Hayward from the Internet Goldrush domain name guide, who says, “I have no idea who would want them, but every .com domain from 1 to 63 characters long, consisting entirely of the letter ‘a,’ has been registered.” Edwin, I agree. By the way, this interesting fact means that is no longer available. Sorry.

·         The oldest .com domains are probably not what you would have guessed they would be – A full list of the 100 oldest .com domains reveals some surprises. For instance, I would not have expected (no. 30), (no. 42), (no. 50), (no. 68) or (no. 84) to break 100. did not make the list. The first domain was registered on March 15, 1985. And it took 2 years, 8 months and 15 days for the first 100 domain names to be registered. The first 10 registered domains are listed here:

1. March 15, 1985 – SYMBOLICS.COM
2. April 24, 1985 – BBN.COM
May 24, 1985 – THINK.COM
July 11, 1985 – MCC.COM
5. September 30, 1985 – DEC.COM
6. November 7, 1985 – NORTHROP.COM
7. January 9, 1986 – XEROX.COM
8. January 17, 1986 – SRI.COM
9. March 3, 1986 – HP.COM
10. March 5, 1986 – BELLCORE.COM

·         The most common letter to begin a domain name is “s” – The letter “s” is far and away the most popular starting letter for a domain name. Relatively few domains start with Q, X, Y or Z. Dennis Forbes includes a number of other interesting statistics on domain names in his Interesting Facts About Domain Name article, including information on the length of domain names and suffixed domain names. 

·         The longest domain name is… (at least that’s what they claim!) 63-characters is the maximum length for domain names (not including http://www or the top-level domain .com .net, etc.) – so there are others that tie the domain name listed here for longest domain. You can have longer domain names if you count the top-level domain – for example, (This word is not nonsense, but supposedly the name of an actual village in the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales.)  

·         The shortest domain name is…  It’s a tie. The shortest domain names are three letters long, and are available only for the shortest top-level domains – so .com domains, for example, wouldn’t qualify. This leaves only top-level domains that have country codes that are 2 letters. Dirk Loss provides a helpful analysis of the shortest domain names – a list of his favorites are included, some of which are,,, and  

·         Most frequently misspelled domain names – I didn’t actually find this fact. But I did come across Yahoo’s list of the most commonly misspelled search terms.  

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